Thursday, 5 July 2012

Copyright Enforcement Group Helps Recording Artists Protect Their Music

With the introduction of Napster over a decade ago, the recording industry began to stumble and has basically never recovered. Recording artists found that their music was being stolen and illegally traded at an alarming rate. Many artists were shocked to find the problem was so pervasive that their music was appearing on line before it had even been officially released.

The average consumer didn’t see trading music with thousands of others on line as stealing. Yet it is this very trading that has cost artists and the recording industry billions of dollars. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), which accounts for the distribution of approximately 85% of all legally sold recorded music in the United States, seems to be perpetually 2 steps behind the pirates.

The amount of theft and illegal peer-to-peer (P2P) piracy is higher than ever, creating losses in the billions to recording artists and content owners. The struggle is identifying the pirate or infringer so that action can be taken against them. There are several anti-piracy companies available whose focus is solely on monitoring the internet, identifying those stealing the copyrighted music content and providing the recording artist and content owners with the means to take action against the pirates.

Copyright Enforcement Group or CEG ( provides one of the best services we’ve seen. CEG’s models are quite a bit different from the other anti-piracy companies. They focus on the clients needs rather than trying to make the clients fit into a pre-defined model. There is even a very popular monetization model available that is at no charge to the content owner. Copyright Enforcement Group is currently monitoring over 25,000 copyrighted pieces of content for their clients and has in-house technical, legal and copyright experts who are available to help the recording artist/content owner fight online piracy.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Movie Studios Battles On-Line Piracy – CEG Can Provide Support

Movies cost studios more than ever to produce. On average, the studios are spending more than $100 million on their “tent pole” movies. When the marketing costs, TV commercials, radio spots, print ads, are added in, costs can soar to almost $200 million. Even on the smaller movies costs of production alone regularly top $50 million.

Because of the tremendous sums of money being spent on movie production and marketing, studios are increasingly worried about the amount of on-line piracy taking place. All studios are experiencing huge losses due to on-line piracy.

For this reason the studios are digging in for battle with pirates and they are turning more and more to companies who are able to track those stealing movies. One such company is
Copyright Enforcement Group or Copyright Enforcement Group ( They have a technology that is head and shoulder above others in the in industry. They are currently protecting over 23,000 copyrights, which is 10 times the amount other anti-piracy company.

CEG’s approach is different from other anti-piracy companies. CEG’s models are customizable and offer moviemakers, studios and content owners a broad range from basic information to comprehensive anti-piracy services. By having flexible models, Copyright Enforcement Group focuses on the clients needs rather than trying to make the clients fit into a pre-defined model as the other do. There is even a very popular monetization model available that is actually free to the content owner.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Copyright Enforcement Group, THE anti-piracy provider

These days, a bitter problem which most creative thinkers, artists, and storytellers face is the fact their content is not secure; many instances of infringement occur globally on a daily basis. Creative artists continually have images, films, music, and text pirated online. Understanding the difficulties creative artists face, Copyright Enforcement Group has come to market with cost-effective and efficient anti-piracy services.

Copyright Enforcement Group, better known as CEG, is the industry leader in protecting and monetizing artists’ content on Internet.  It provides solutions and coverage for peer-to-peer protocols and websites alike. CEG has staff of expert professionals to supports its clients.

Monetization services offered by the group include three steps. Firstly, content is uploaded to a tracking system and the tracking system works as a watchdog for the content; evidence is collected and passed to authentication. Secondly, multi-stage authentication process is done to confirm the infringement. The third and last step consists of the procedure of pre-settlement by which the infringer has the option to purchase good or select a settlement offer.

To subscribe the services of CEG, artists must have a copyright registered. If an artist doesn’t have copyright secured CEG can offer guidance on registration the process.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Copyright Enforcement Group - How to deal with copyright infringements online without the need for lawsuits

If you are a content producer, director, or other creative thinker who has become a victim of copyright infringements across websites, peer-to-peer networks, or elsewhere on the Internet then you may have thought about taking legal actions against infringers. But frankly, a lawsuit should be the very last thing that you consider. Not only does it initially cost you with expense of litigation, but it also is the most time consuming way to a solution while alienating potential customers. On the other hand, a lawsuit also is the last thing that infringers want to face as it can charge them with heavy damages per infringement plus the costs of legal representation. So, this seems to be something common among copyright owners and infringers; both of them intend to avoid a lawsuit and come to resolution. Well, then what is the best alternative to avoid lawsuits? Does an alternative sound sensible? Read on….

Copyright owners can subscribe to services from intellectual property protection firms to deal with these issue. These firms can settle claims between copyright owners and infringers prior to lawsuit. For example, the Copyright Enforcement Group or CEG is an acclaimed protection and settlement firm which charges a small one-time fee to settle a copyright infringement. Infringers have every reason to agree to CEG’s reasonable terms and conditions. Its settlement portal offers infringers multiple options when compared to other intellectual property protection companies. Apart from payment of a one-time fee, infringers can also opt for the option of purchasing physical copy or digital copy of the title that was infringed upon, or even online subscriptions. In any case, the solution in much more reasonable and economical for all involved. Moreover, settlement through CEG helps infringers to get unconditional release from all liabilities immediately, and in confidence.

On the other hand, copyright owners who intend to recover lost revenue due to copyright infringements find it as the convenient option; thus protection firms create a win-win situation for both the parties involved. As for CEG, it settles claims for all types of contents including audio, games, software, video, image, and text, and it also offers flagship monitoring services across the Internet and peer-to-peer protocols 24/7/365. Simply put, subscribing to services from CEG or some other acclaimed intellectual property firm is the best way to deal with copyright infringements online without the need for lawsuits.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Protecting Photography From Copyright Infringement – A Photographer’s Guide

Professional photographers know what it takes to create a quality photograph. They put a lot of brain, aesthetics and hard work behind each and every snapshot. Quite naturally, when they notice any unauthorized use of their creations, it simply raises their blood pressure. So, what to do in such situations? First of all, it is important for you to know that all of your recent creations are under the protection of US Copyright Laws, as long as a copyright is registered with the US Copyright Office. However, a registered copyright doesn’t always save your pictures from being copied or misused. The Internet is an open platform for millions of users worldwide. So, what if someone copies your images and uses them online without paying a license fee?

Photographers and photographic agencies can off course take actions against infringers. However, it is not mandatory that ‘actions’ should always be legal actions. There are other sensible ways to deal with such situations, or even to deny arousal of any such situation. Take time out from busy schedules to read and understand the copyright law. Proper know-how on legal measures can make things easy to understand. For example, photographers should know the difference between selling a photo and licensing it. Additionally, they should understand that they have options when it comes to copyright infringement protection.

Intellectual property protection firms can be a great way to deal with copyright infringement of your photographic works. The basic role of these firms is to track down infringements across the Internet. In addition a limited number of firms work with photographers and photographic agencies to recover monetary settlements due to copyright infringement. The Copyright Enforcement Group ("CEG") is leading by examples among copyright protection firms. It holds a good reputation in settling claims between infringers and copyright owners.

In the case of a lawsuit, an infringer can be charged with damages all the way up to $150,000 per infringement plus the costs of legal representation. On the other hand, intellectual property protection firms like CEG charge small one-time settlement fees in exchange for releasing infringers from liability. Moreover, they keep the whole issue confidential and save infringers from facing uncomfortable situations later. For copyright owners, protection firms are hassle-free ways to recover compensation from infringers.